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Gaige Blowjob Animated GIF – Borderlands 2 Hentai

What luck! I was planning on posting an animated GIF by GMEEN this week but wasn’t sure which one it would be then I saw this – Gaige the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2. If you frequent Hentai Foundry you’ve probably seen GMEEN’s work. He has some of the best animated GIFs around and currently this […]

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    Gaige the Mechromancer fucked (Borderlands 2 hentai)

    Do you guys want to see some awesome Borderlands 2 hentai featuring Gaige the Mechromancer? Of course you do! You know how I know? Because everyone keeps emailing me about it. Ask and you shall receive. I came across this hot little piece by Hentai Foundry newcomer Naver and immediately fell in love with it. […]

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      Maya gangbang by Pee-Kay – Borderlands 2 Hentai

      Not as surprising as the Abby Sciuto requests is all the emails asking me to post more Borderlands 2 hentai. You guys can’t get enough. I can’t blame you though, all the lovely ladies from the two Borderlands games – Lilith, Maya, Moxxi, and Gaige – are super fucking hot! It’s definitely better than people […]

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        Lilith The Siren From Borderlands by Ganassa

        Here’s a nice little follow-up to the piece Ganassa did featuring Maya the Siren from Borderlands 2 a couple months ago. This time we get to see Lilith enjoying a refreshing hot shower. Mmmmmmm steamy. I’m not gonna lie. I literally just finished Borderlands 1 for the first time last night (thank you PlayStation Plus!). […]

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          Maya The Siren by Ultamisia – Borderlands 2 Hentai

          Back in early August I posted an awesome pic of Maya by Ganassa and talked about how excited I was for Borderlands 2 even though I never played the first one. Well, nothing has changed about the first part of that statement – I’m really looking forward to Gearbox’s latest entry in the series – […]

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            Maya The Siren From Borderlands 2 by Ganassa

            I know I just posted the Catwoman pic by Ganassa not too long again but when I saw this rendering of Maya, the Siren class character from Borderlands 2, I couldn’t help myself, I had to feature it. I am super fucking excited for this game and I can’t decide if I want to play […]

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              Citra nude by Shadman (Far Cry 3 Hentai)

              I was excited to play Far Cry 3 even before I heard there might be a sex scene featuring Citra. Now I can’t wait to check it out. I don’t know when I’ll have the time thanks to my current Borderlands 2 addiction, but I’ll make time for it especially if I get it for […]

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                Maya the Siren gangbanged – Art by CrazyAc3s

                I was in a bit of a pickle this morning trying to decided which of these two pics I wanted to feature. I like the Supergirl piece better as a whole but ever since I fired up Borderlands 2 for the first time two days ago I haven’t been able to put it down. BL2 […]

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