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Video Game Slave Girls by Tinkerbomb

If given a choice, which one would you take? I’m rather partial to Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, but Tifa Lockhart looks like should would be fun too. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions… Tinkerbomb ~ Hentai Foundry Be Sociable, Share!

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    New Video Game Babes Blog – NSFW Gamer

    I wanted to tell you guys about a new blog I just launched because I think this crowd will get a kick out of it. It’s called NSFW Gamer and it is a mainstream (sort of) video game blog with a slight catch – I only talk about games that have nudity or hot chicks […]

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      Best nude scenes in video games

      Now here’s a list that’s right up my alley. The best nude scenes in video games courtisy of G4. Thanks guys!! Be Sociable, Share!

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        Come at me, bro! – Art by Bloodfart

        This is one of three versions I plan to post here, the other version is fully suited up, only with a sheer unikini. Then I’ll post the fully nude version in my scraps. Onto the image, had to do it. My Shokan lass didn’t make the cut for MKX. Not that I’m shocked, but yeah, […]

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          Mai Shiranui Topless Pin-Up – Art by Boobella

          Art by Boobella ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt Be Sociable, Share!

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            Sarah Kerrigan vs Ultralisk by Ganassa

            After some Mortal Kombat girls it’s time to come back to one of the most beloved videogame character ever: Sarah Kerrigan aka “Queen of Blades” from Blizzard’s Starcraft rts. The commissioner of this picture ask for something “very huge”: Sarah Kerrigan fucked by an Ultralisk! He portrayed this picture as “the most massive thing I […]

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              Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat X by Ganassa

              Another day, another Mortal Kombat X pin-up by Ganassa. Not that that’s a bad thing though. I could look at MK artwork and hentai all day! Especially if it features characters from the latest entry in the venerable series. Here we have Sonya Blade, series regular and the mother of Cassie Cage. I’ve loved Sonya […]

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                Juliet Starling getting fucked doggy style – Art by Tekuho

                Seriously, Juliet Starling has to be one of the hottest video game babes of all time. Yea, yea… I know she’s kinda “exploitative,” but who gives a shit? I love exploitative! I look at hentai for a living for crying out loud. Juliet Starling was made for hentai! Maybe that’s what I love about her. […]

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