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New Video Game Babes Blog – NSFW Gamer

I wanted to tell you guys about a new blog I just launched because I think this crowd will get a kick out of it. It’s called NSFW Gamer and it is a mainstream (sort of) video game blog with a slight catch – I only talk about games that have nudity or hot chicks […]

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    Best nude scenes in video games

    Now here’s a list that’s right up my alley. The best nude scenes in video games courtisy of G4. Thanks guys!! Be Sociable, Share!

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      Queen Grimhilde and Maleficent by Bloodfart

      If you read my video game site, NSFW Gamer, then you know how much I love Bloodfart’s artwork. I pretty much feature everything he puts out. I wanted to spread the love to MPL Toons though in case you guys don’t read NSFW Gamer. Sure, I’ve featured Bloodfart here before, but it’s been a while […]

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        Sabine by Tourbillon – Star Wars Rebels Hentai

        Alright ladies and gents, here’s the first piece of Star Wars Rebels hentai that I’ve come across so far. I’m definitely looking forward to the new show but I need to finish up The Clone Wars first. Thankfully they’ll be up on Netflix Instant next month so I can marathon the fuck out of them. […]

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          Bayonetta 2 Gangbang by Reiq

          I’m not a huge fan of short hair on chicks (I think only a very small percentage of women can pull it off), but for some reason I really dig Bayonetta’s new look and I have no idea why. Maybe the glasses help or her overly sexual nature offsets the boy-ish do. Whatever the reason […]

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            Bloodrayne glory hole bukakke by Evening Sky

            It’s October, one of my favorite times of the year, so that means I’m going to try and feature as many Halloween themed hentai pics as I can. I’d love to say that I’m going to post a new one everyday, but I just don’t see that happening. I’ll do my best though. First up […]

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              Sweet Sarah by Zet13

              I love hot nerd girls with big boobs. I also love it when said girls masturbate with dildos up their asses (seriously, did girls always play with their asses or is it just a new thing that came about with the invention of webcam? I can’t watch a single video without a chick sticking something […]

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                She-Hulk getting fucked in the ass – Art by REIQ

                I gotta say, this is probably one of my all time favorite pics by REIQ. I love She-Hulk, she’s one of my favorite comic book babes, but I love her even more when she’s taking a dick in her ass. I just wish that was my cock up in there, though I’d be worried that […]

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