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Three Girls 1Up by Turtlechan

Holy shit, this is old. I was looking through my drafts today and saw this post. I think I prepped it back in December 2012 and forgot about it (probably because of family stuff around the holidays). Damn. Well, that’s my bad lol Just because the pics are old doesn’t mean they aren’t really fucking […]

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    Sexy Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman

    Here’s a funny, and kind of hot, Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman for all the fans of the game. I downloaded the demo on PSN when it first came out but I haven’t played the full game yet. I loved the art style and gorgeous animation but since I’m not a huge fighting game fan […]

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      Wonder Woman bound and gagged by Reiq for Jiggly Girls

      Does anyone know what the mythological creature this is that’s busting a nut in Wonder Woman? I was gonna say “minotaur” but the head doesn’t look like a bull, it looks like a horse. So if it has a horse head and a human body it’s pretty much the exact opposite of a centaur. Jesus, […]

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        Change of Plans by AnimeFlux

        Commission for Pantboy of my OCs (Seki on top and Nalica on bottom) attempting to have a girls’ day out with Dalehan‘s OCs (Kamoa on the left and Nalani on the right). It’s amazing what one error in coordinates can do to turn a simple trip to the sky mall into an orgy of tentacles. Something tells me […]

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          Warpaint – Sunliss Zoya by Xarcturus

          Sunliss Zoya dreams of one thing…Warpaint. Eager to join ‘The Oakers’ Sunliss submits an application at the recruiting office of the the Black Oak Brigade. Brigade rules stipulate that applicants must be at least twenty one years of age. With a twinge of conscience, Sunliss fudges a little. All three of her older sisters are […]

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            Nidalee about to be fucked in the ass – Art by REIQ

            I don’t play League of Legends, but I do see a lot of cosplay and hentai based on the game so I have a pretty good eye for the characters. One of my favorites (besides Jinx) has to be Nidalee. I really don’t know what it is about her character design that I love so […]

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              Shada by Xarcturus

              Holy shitballs. This is absolutely stunning! I don’t know who Shada is or what she’s guarding, but I could care less- I just want to stare at her giant knockers and thick thighs all day long. Props to Xarcturus for crafting this amazing fantasy-themed pinup. Not only is the character beautifully drawn, but the background […]

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                Poison sitting on a huge dildo by Reiq

                I’m sure there are those of you out there that are disappointed by Poison’t lack of dick (she’s a very popular character to draw as a shemale, for various reasons that you are all aware of by now), but then you would’ve missed out on one of the things Reiq is best at- drawing pussies. […]

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