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PrismGirls: Xenobiology by InCase

I am gonna be posting my new PrismGirls comic “Xenobiology” for free. Every other weekday untill it’s done. All 24 pages of it. Full resolution (1750px tall) is availible on PrismGirls.com or through our Patreon. So why the hell am I posting it the internet for free? Have I gone maaad? No, it’s just a […]

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    Three Girls 1Up by Turtlechan

    Holy shit, this is old. I was looking through my drafts today and saw this post. I think I prepped it back in December 2012 and forgot about it (probably because of family stuff around the holidays). Damn. Well, that’s my bad lol Just because the pics are old doesn’t mean they aren’t really fucking […]

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      Sexy Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman

      Here’s a funny, and kind of hot, Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman for all the fans of the game. I downloaded the demo on PSN when it first came out but I haven’t played the full game yet. I loved the art style and gorgeous animation but since I’m not a huge fighting game fan […]

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        Wonder Woman bound and gagged by Reiq for Jiggly Girls

        Does anyone know what the mythological creature this is that’s busting a nut in Wonder Woman? I was gonna say “minotaur” but the head doesn’t look like a bull, it looks like a horse. So if it has a horse head and a human body it’s pretty much the exact opposite of a centaur. Jesus, […]

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          Sexy demon babe Thyra by Legoman and Shunori

          Legoman and Shunori are back with another awesome drawing for all of us to drool over. Well, I should say drawings, as in multiple, since there are two more below (click on the link if you are viewing this on the front page). If you are a fan of curvy girls then Legoman is the […]

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            Busty babe Yaku by Dmitrys

            Ok, so we all know that Dmitrys primarily draws futanari hentai, but did you know that he occasionally draws hot chicks too? Busty babe Yaku here is the proof of that. Of course there’s also a shemale version of this pic on his website if you’re interested, this is Dmirtys after all. I do wish […]

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              Train of Tought by Doxy

              Wow, this comic is absolutely stunning. I can’t possibly express to you how much I love Doxy’s artwork. It’s gorgeous and very erotic. This series was originally made for the hentai paysite called Prism Girls, but, since it looks like they are trying offset the costs of running the site with a Patreon campaign, Doxy […]

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                Senna getting fucked in the ass – Art by InCase

                You know what makes a day great? Whenever there’s a new pic by InCase that I can feature on the site. You know, one where the chick doesn’t have a penis. Not that there’s anything wrong with that lol, it’s just not something I post on MPL Toons. What I will post though is Senna […]

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