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Ahsoka Tano gets herself in a sticky situation

Ahsoka Tano bukkake gangbang by Joey Vegas

Ahsoka Tano by Joey Vegas

Ahsoka Tano may be Anakin Skywalker’s padawan but she has already proven that she can hold her own in a fight. She has gone toe to toe with General Grievous and Asajj Ventress but I think this time Snips might have bitten off more than she can handle. The young Jedi is caught in an intergalactic gangbang! Wow, that’s a whole lot of alien semen exploding all over her orange skin. Sweet! Joey Vegas has a clean, uber-cartoony style that is very appropriate for the subject matter here and mimics the Clone Wars TV show design closely. As a classically trained artist and professional pervert you get the best of both worlds with Joey Vegas – someone who can competently render the sickest shit you can think of! Hit him up for commissions.

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