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Ahsoka Tano – The Last Days by Ganassa

Ahsoka Tano - The Last Day by Ganassa

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“Ahsoka Tano – The Last Days” is an alternate take on Ahsoka Tano’s life after the Clone Wars and Order 66. I’m not going to spoil the story for you, but needless to say it’s not entirely pleasant. I included and excerpt from chapter two for you to read and the pic above by Ganassa is the official artwork for the story. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Abruptly she reared up. Inserting the cock between her wetted pussy lips, she pushed him inside with a downward thrust.

“Unnngh, Maker!” Lando cried, caught off guard. The slavegirl was far tighter than any girl he bedded before, her inner muscles wrapping around him like fingers and squeezing.

“I’m not a slave, Lando,” Ahsoka said calmly, bouncing herself up and down in a steady rhythm.

The thick black-brown of his shaft shot into her orange pussy. Warm juices ran down it as she rose again.

“I serve Jabba of my own will. He, nobody here, could stop me, if I decided different,” she said, voice going cold. Lando’s thick shaft butted in and out of her pleasantly as she continued to bounce, rising just high enough to rest the tip barely inside before rocking down again.

Lando was too entranced by the pussy going up and down the length of his meat in undulating waves to notice how her voice shifted.

Ahsoka sighed in pleasure, leaning back on her hands as she wiggled on the big cock. The familiar wash of black energy that rose up when she did this with Jabba and others was muted by the good feelings toward this young rogue. It felt good to fuck someone without the power of the dark side. Almost like the last day with the clones…..

She shook her head, closing her eyes tightly as she clenched his pistoning shaft harder, drowning out the train of thought.

“If, whoah, if you’re not enslaved, w-what are you?” he grunted, sitting forward to pull her body against him. As they changed position, he felt himself bottom out against her insides. It didn’t seem to hurt her; if anything she pounded harder. The ass he’d been admiring earlier smacked down into his lap.

Ahsoka’s ass wiggled up and down. The thick black column disappeared inside her, only to emerge wet and slick as she bounced upwards. She seemed impossibly small inside to be doing this. Lando held her tight, struggling not to come too soon.

Ahsoka pulled his head to her by its tousled black hair. She ran her tongue around the inside of his ear, feeling the hard male length inside her start to twitch. It felt so good to be fucked naturally, and by such a big cock!

“I used to be a Jedi…..” she whispered naughtily.


Lando came with hot spurt, but not for the last time that night.

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