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“Alright, you can release them now.” Kali was a little surprised when she heard the voice; was it possible for this beast to speak? But she soon realized that she was hearing the voice in her mind; telepathy – this guy was full of surprises.

No sooner had Kali disconnected the leash from their collars did the girls started eagerly crawling forward. Alia was the first to reach the imposing beast, panting as she turned around and stuck her butt in the air presenting her dripping wet pussy and winking anus at her new master.

He lurched forward towering over her smaller form. Thin tendrils wrapped tightly around her stomach lining her up with its massive meat. She looked back with anticipation in her eyes and if her mind had not been ravaged by pleasure she would no doubt be begging him to ram it inside and fuck her raw. However, she couldn’t do more than pant like a bitch in heat at this point.With a sudden tug, the tendrils around her stomach pulled her onto the throbbing cock, a gasp escaping her lips as it pushed inside her with a little difficulty. His member was more spongy and malleable than a normal cock, but it still proved to be quite the tight fit. More tendrils sprouted from his stomach, grasping at her ass to get more grip. Slowly but surely he pushed his length inside her until finally his balls were bouncing against her ass.

It was at that point that he pressed down with his body, flattening her against the cold tile floor. Trapped between the floor and his hulking frame, all she could do was lie there as he started humping away, her butt juggling with every deep thrust. She put her legs up in the air, hooking them behind his own clawed feet in an attempt to keep him from pulling out – not that he had any intention to do so. Not until he had bloated this cockpuppet with his seed.

He picked up the pace, ramming at her comparatively lithe body with gusto, eliciting moans and screams of pleasure from Alia. She could feel the tip of his dick bounce off and scrape her belly every time he bottomed out. More tendrils emerged from his torso, wrapping themselves around her arms and pulling them up until they were secured around his thick neck like a lover hugging her mate from behind.

A thick tentacle emerged from the beast’s mouth, eager to find a wet hole to fuck. It found one soon enough, pushing its length past her full lips and down her throat, all the while oozing with salty pre-cum.

Meanwhile, Blair wasn’t just sitting around. As soon as she had seen Alia offer herself up, she crawled around to the rear of the creature. After all, in the land of the fuck sluts there is no jealousy – as long as there are enough cocks to go around that is.

Click here to read the full story by Pantboy678

This is amazing! Six pics and a full story, what more could you ask for? I’m gonna be jerking off to this for a long time. My hat’s off to DrGraevling and Pantboy678 for putting all of this together. I think we can all agree that they make a great team. Click on the link below to see the rest of the pics.

Art by DrGraevling ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
Story by Pantboy678 ~ Hentai Foundry

Hentai and Cartoon Porn

Hentai and Cartoon Porn

Hentai and Cartoon Porn

Hentai and Cartoon Porn

Hentai and Cartoon Porn

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