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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hentai

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This is what happens when you fuck with the wrong people – They fuck you back. There’s a reason Rocksteady and Bebop are bad guys and April O’Neil is learning this the hard way. Where’s the Ninja Turtles when you need them? Probably getting the asses handed to them by Shredder and his Foot Clan… or they are watching from the shadows.

I grew up reading the TMNT comics back when they were dark and violent before the Saturday morning cartoon. The Foot weren’t robot ninjas, ¬†Shredder was a badass (albeit¬†he did get killed by the Turtles), and there was blood everywhere. Looking back I have no idea how someone could read the source material and pitch it as a cartoon for kids but thats why producers make the big bucks. TMNT is prime example of selling out but I guess Eastman and Laird laughed all the way to the bank because their creation practically defined the 80’s.

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