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Artist Spotlight – Masateru Ikeda

Juri Han nipple slip

Juri Han from Super Street Fighter 4 by Masateru Ikeda

I’m starting a new category called “Artist Spotlight” and, well, the concept is pretty self explanatory so I’ll jump right to it. The first artist I want you to check out is Masateru Ikeda. I stumbled upon his art on one of the usual boards and was instantly blown away. I dropped what I was doing (searching for something to whack off to most likely) and immediatly looked for more illustrations by Masateru Ikeda. Once I found his profile on Deviant Art I came up with the idea for this new feature on MPL Toons – that’s how much I dig Masateru Ikeda’s work!

The image of Cammy White (pictured below) from Street Fighter was piece that caught my eye but it was Masateru Ikeda’s Juri Han illustration that knocked my socks off. What really sets this talented artist apart from the pack is that tactile feel of his pieces. Even though Masateru Ikeda works in a digital medium all his renderings look like they were hand painted and lack the precise, and often times cold, feel that programs like Photoshop unfortunately produce. Aside from Masateru Ikeda’s unique style I like his slightly different take on known characters . Cammy looks like “Cammy” but not necessarily the version we’ve all seen a million times before – she belongs 100% to Masateru Ikeda. Not too many artists can say that.

Cammy White petite body hard nipples

Cammy White from Super Street Fighter by Masateru Ikeda

Click here to see more illustrations by Masateru Ikeda

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