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Batgirl swallowing Batman’s massive load of cum

Batgirl's Reward by InCase

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

To be completely honest I can’t believe how awesome this illustration is by InCase. The level of detail on the costumes is outstanding – check out the full sized image to see all the textures – plus the content is hot as hell. It’s hard to find hentai artists that have this level of ability and still produce straight up raunchy images. I can totally see InCase doing pin-up style artwork for a major publisher, he’s that fucking good, but instead he’s drawing pictures of Batgirl trying to swallow Batman’s massive load of cum. InCase is definitely a hentai artist that’s dedicated to the niche. I fucking love it!

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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    One Response to “Batgirl swallowing Batman’s massive load of cum”

    • Vorli:

      I love these kind of pics, extremely detailed that you spend more time checking out each individual part than the actual image itself xD.

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