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Battle Damage Wonder Woman by Flowermilk

Battle Damage Wonder Woman by Flowermilk

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At VanillaDoll.xxx

The title of this post was inspired by what I thought a toy company would call this piece if it was an action figure. That, of course, is inspired by the fact that Flowermilk’s artwork is so hyper-clean that it almost looks like a toy. Every picture he does is a perfectly rendered work of hentai art. Flowermilk may not crank out a new illustration every week but when he does I take notice. I love poring over every little detail and marvel at the overall craftsmanship of the piece.

In case you couldn’t tell, I really dig Flowermilk’s work. Check out his official sit VanillaDoll.xxx to see all the cool hentai projects that Flowermilk is working on.

Flowermilk ~ VanillaDoll.xxx

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