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So I guess Mardi Gras is today. I had no idea. I’ve been to New Orleans twice, but never for Mardi Gras. As much as I love drinking I don’t think I want to do that. What with all the trash and human excrement on the street it just sounds a little too gross for my taste. Of course the titties are a plus. They always are.

In honor of this most sacred drinking day here’s a fun little comic by Samasan and RedRaider called “Battle of the Beads” and features RedRaider’s OCs, the Gardner sisters. If Mardi Gras were like this then maybe I’d consider attending one of these years. I just know I’d have to wear a pair of shoes that I could throw away after lol.

The pic above is actually the second one in the series. You can see all four after the jump. There’s supposed to be a follow-up pic later so I’ll add it whenever Samasan uploads it to Hentai Foundry.

Art by Samasan ~ Hentai Foundry
Story by RedRaider ~ Hentai Foundry

The Gardner sisters belong to RedRaider





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