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Felicia Hardy hentai

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Wow, that’s a lot of cum dumped on Black Cat’s face and tits. Peter Parker must have been letting that build up for a while now! Honestly, if given the choice between Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane I would pick…BOTH. Good god, how can you choose just one? One of Spidey’s villains has to have some sort of mind control device he can use to get them both in the sack at once.

Sure there are a million Black Cat fan-art pics out there but this one by Skottichan really caught my eye. I love her unique style and the coloring is outstanding but what really made me take notice was how well she rendered the cum. I’ve heard other artists complain how hard it is to make semen look natural – I’ve seen some bad hentai cum in my time – but Skottichan absolutely nailed it. She’s open for commissions so if you like what you see here make sure you hit her up because talent like this shouldn’t be wasted flipping burgers!

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