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So, my mom came back home from one of her long-ass business trips and the first thing she did was lock herself and dad in their bedroom to make up for lost time by fucking his brains out. This was five days ago and since then they’ve only barely come out even for hydration or sustenance before going back in again.

Meanwhile, I’m effectively cut off from Daddy’s daily wake-up dickings — which just leaves me in a shitty mood all day, plus their disgusting pig rutting and loud sex noises is keeping me awake long into the night. It sucks. And no, I’m not just jealous!

Anyway, so I’m eating cereal one morning. Just sitting by myself in the kitchen, still unsatisfied and horny as hell, and I’m wondering if I should get Olivia to set me up with one of her dates. I don’t usually do random hook-ups like that for various reasons, but I’m really getting way too antsy and stressed out. I must’ve been completely lost in thought, because in the middle of a deeply forlorn sigh I feel a hand touching my shoulder.

“Wha—” I stammer as I jump up in surprise, knocking over my cereal bowl and spilling milk all over the counter. My cousin Dylan lets out a burst of laughter as I scramble to fix the mess. “Damn Josie, you’re tense!” He’s standing behind me, his hands firmly squeezing my shoulders. Before I even get a chance to reply I feel his warm bulge pressing against my backside.

“Maybe this’ll help …” he whispers lustfully into my ear, rubbing it up and down my bare skin. I moan softly and feel the excitement overhwelm me as he pushes me forward, making me arch my back and lay out my ass for him. My hole twitches hungrily as he prods it with his stiff cock, teasing me almost to the point where I’m begging for it before he slowly shoves it inside me.

He went real deep. Smooth motions at first, gently moving his hips and filling up my asshole with his big strong dick. I close my eyes and bite my lips together, whimpering softly behind my teeth as I relax and just take it. Our flesh starts slapping together as he gets more intense, fucking me good and hard. I come easily, moaning in rhythm with his thrusting. I feel like I’m burning up and moan without restraint, completely lost in an orgasmic haze, coming again and again as he fiercely pumps his entire length into me.

Finally he pulls out of me and shoots several thick ropes of hot cum across my butt. I’m leaning forward, my ass throbbing and quivering from the deeply thorough dicking. The seat of the kitchen stool is completely drenched in my girlcum and it feels like a giant knot has been untangled inside me. This was exactly what I needed. Dylan slaps his sticky half-chub cock on my ass, making a wet noise as it’s splattering in the puddle of his sperm on my sweat-gleamed skin.

“It sure is a mess in here” he says with a self-satisfied smirk as he regains his breath. “Better clean up before Aunt and Uncle sees this!”

Normally I would’ve given him massive amounts of shit for such a smug remark but after a powerfucking like this I think he’s earned a freebie

– Sparrow

Nothing like a little incest hentai to get you through the day.

Art by Sparrow ~ Hentai Foundry

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