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Breast Expansion Story Club

Breast Expansion Story Club

Breast Expansion is a niche about cartoon babes who’s boobs grow to epic proportions due to magical or scientific means. It’s by the same people that produce Giantess Club so you know you are getting 100% exclusive content that updates on a regular basis. Personally, the whole “breast expansion” niche appeals to me more than the latter as I can imagine all the fun I would have with a chick who’s boobs got bigger on a whim. Aside from the solid, American style, artwork produced for both of these sites I am impressed with the interface – It actually looks like a digital comic book and not some chintzy gimmick. You can tell that these guys really care about the niche, and about the quality of the artwork they produce, which is a rare thing ┬áin the online hentai world.

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