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When I saw this pic by Everlong my first thought was, “Yea, that’s about right.”

Like Johnny Cage, I’d definitely fuck the shit out of Mileena but she’s gotta leave her mask on. And you can be damn sure I won’t let her give me a blowjob, not with those teeth. Why did Shang Tsung have to make her body so amazing then give her those fucking Tarkatan teeth damnit? No wonder she’s so angry.

I liked what they did with Mileena’s teeth on the Mortal Kombat web-series last year. It was creative. If you didn’t watch it you should definitely go back and check it out. Not every episode was a hit but the series as a whole was awesome.

You might remember that I featured a pic by Everlong back in July of Nightwing fucking Harley Quinn and while I like that one a bit more than this one I think ‘Butterface and Cream’ is a good example of Everlong’s creativity and technical abilities. In my opinion he’s still and artist you should be keeping an eye one because I think he’s going to get big real soon.

Everlong ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantART

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