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Carlotta Champagne as Leeloo Dallas from The 5th Element

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Carlotta Champagne as Leeloo Dallas from 5th Element

Busty solo-girl Carlotta Champagne isn’t a full time cosplayer per se but when she does dress up as a character she looks pretty fucking phenomenal. Oddly enough, as much as I absolutely love her body, I don’t think that she looks right as Leeloo – Milla Jovovich is skinnier with a much smaller chest. I believe that a great cosplayer has to have a body that matches the character they are playing. “What about fat cosplayers”, you ask? Even if they have the most amazing costume ever created it’s a moot point because no one likes a fatty. I realize that I am sounding very negative in this post but that’s not the case – I think it’s great that Carlotta Champagne has amazing cosplay photo sets on her website even though she isn’t necessarily promoted as a “cosplay model” like you see on Cosplay Deviants or Cosplay Erotica. The hobby is going mainstream and that means more great costumes for everyone to enjoy. If nerd girls are the zeitgeist of the online porn scene then Carlotta Champagne has a bright future ahead of her especially if she keeps putting out photo sets like this one.

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