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Carlotta Champagne cosplaying as Harley Quinn


Busty pinup model Carlotta Champagne dressed up as a sexy Harley Quinn

Carlotta Champagne as Harley Quinn

I don’t know a single person that reads comics, watches cartoons, or plays video games that doesn’t love Harley Quinn. There is just something incredibly sexy about the character that people can’t seem to get enough of. I’m speaking from experience because I too have warm feelings for the Joker’s girlfriend. I loved her when she was introduced on Batman The Animated Series and I loved her re-imagining in Batman: Arkham Asylum but I have never seen anyone pull off a great Harley Quinn cosplay set…until now. The busty pinup model Carlotta Champagne looks absolutely amazing as Batman’s villain complete with shiny vinyl costume tailored to perfection. The only detail keeping this from being perfect is the lack of white make-up and a mask. I’m willing to overlook that because these pics are just too damn hot. Harley Quinn FTW!

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