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I don’t know who Carter is but I sure am digging his ineffable loveglass!

Those of you that have been reading MPL Toons for a while are probably sick of hearing about how much I love Aedollon – what can I say? I’m a huge fan – but for those of you that are new, I encourage you to click on the ‘Aedollon’ tag below and check out my past posts. As you can see he draws some of the most beautiful hentai that’s ever graced the interwebs.

This piece was commissioned by a Hentai Foundry user and the catgirl getting attacked by tentacles is his original character, Amy. Even if you aren’t a fan of tentacles (or furries) you have to admit this is pretty fucking spectacular. The way Amy’s tail and the large tentacle make the shape of a heart, the colors, the line work, everything is perfect. Of course if you aren’t too concerned with symbolism or craftsmanship there’s still all the lovely penetrations to enjoy.

Honestly, I don’t think Amy is going to be walking right for a while but at least she’s enjoying herself…and so will I in t-minus 5 seconds after I hit ‘Publish’!

Aedollon ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Hentai United

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