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Artist Spotlight Interview – Shade at Project: Pink

Power Girl vs Wonder Woman by Shade for Project Pink XXX

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Project: Pink

Those of you that have been into the hentai scene for a while might recognize Shade from Hentai Foundry and other websites dedicated to our hobby. His style is bold, exciting, and incredibly erotic. Even when Shade is drawing non-nude pinups of Power Girl or Black Widow there is always an infusion of sexiness. Like the great cheesecake artists Olivia or Adam Hughes, he manages to make female characters powerful and sultry at the same time.

Not only is Shade an awesome artist, he’s a cool guy too. He agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us in MPL Toons’ first ever “Artist Spotlight Interview.” See more pics and read the full interview after the jump!

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    Artist Spotlight – Ricken

    Supergirl flying by Ricken

    Supergirl by Ricken

    I stumbled upon a pic by Ricken the other day whilst lurking on Gelbooru and was immediately hooked, so much so that I knew right away that I wanted to feature him on my next Artist Spotlight. After doing a quick Google search I found his Deviant Art page (link below) and have been drooling over his artwork ever since.

    I can’t quite put my finger on what initially drew me to Ricken’s style. I guess it really wasn’t just one thing – I love his whimsical yet thoughtful line work and soft, almost dream-like color palettes. Ricken’s style is Japanese anime meets western comic books with a dash of Bruce Timm thrown in for good measure. All of this equals a very striking and technique that is as fun to look at as I imagine it was to draw.

    Even though I discovered Ricken on Gelbooru I wouldn’t call him a hentai artist. So why am I featuring him on MPL Toons? Just because Ricken doesn’t draw hardcore nudity doesn’t mean some of his pics aren’t highly erotic. Look at the Harley Quinn illustrations below (more after the jump) and tell me you don’t find them to be as hot, if not hotter, than the other hentai pics I post on my blog. Just because a character is getting all her orifices stuffed with tentacles and cum doesn’t necessarily make it “erotic”.

    Click here to see more pics by Ricken at Deviant Art

    Harley Quinn by Ricken

    Harley Quinn by Ricken

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      Artist Spotlight – Kinky Jimmy

      Princess Leia Dianoga tentacle rape by Kinky Jimmy

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at PooNnet.com

      Alright, so first of all let’s address the 400 lbs guerrilla in the room – Yes, Kinky Jimmy is primarily known for his shemale hentai but that doesn’t mean he can’t draw a pussy too. PooNnet.com is not as widely known as his “other site” but for those of you that love Kinky Jimmy’s ability to draw celebrity likenesses but don’t want the cock this is the site for you.

      Just to clarify for those of you that don’t know – Kinky Jimmy has been drawing adult cartoons for a while now and is pretty well known online. Most hentai fans that surf the interwebs on a regular basis have seen his work whether they like shemale (or futanari) porn or not. I figured now was a good time to bring back the “Artist Spotlight” feature on MPL Toons and show everyone that Kinky Jimmy doesn’t just draw chicks with dicks, he also draws chicks getting fucked by dicks!

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        Artist Spotlight – Masateru Ikeda

        Juri Han nipple slip

        Juri Han from Super Street Fighter 4 by Masateru Ikeda

        I’m starting a new category called “Artist Spotlight” and, well, the concept is pretty self explanatory so I’ll jump right to it. The first artist I want you to check out is Masateru Ikeda. I stumbled upon his art on one of the usual boards and was instantly blown away. I dropped what I was doing (searching for something to whack off to most likely) and immediatly looked for more illustrations by Masateru Ikeda. Once I found his profile on Deviant Art I came up with the idea for this new feature on MPL Toons – that’s how much I dig Masateru Ikeda’s work!

        The image of Cammy White (pictured below) from Street Fighter was piece that caught my eye but it was Masateru Ikeda’s Juri Han illustration that knocked my socks off. What really sets this talented artist apart from the pack is that tactile feel of his pieces. Even though Masateru Ikeda works in a digital medium all his renderings look like they were hand painted and lack the precise, and often times cold, feel that programs like Photoshop unfortunately produce. Aside from Masateru Ikeda’s unique style I like his slightly different take on known characters . Cammy looks like “Cammy” but not necessarily the version we’ve all seen a million times before – she belongs 100% to Masateru Ikeda. Not too many artists can say that.

        Cammy White petite body hard nipples

        Cammy White from Super Street Fighter by Masateru Ikeda

        Click here to see more illustrations by Masateru Ikeda

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