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Frost getting a frozen facial from Sub-Zero by Candle – MPL Toons Exclusive Mortal Kombat Hentai

Mortal Kombat Hentai MPL Toons Exclusive

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Holy fuck, this is amazing. I’ve been a huge fan of Candle’s artwork for a long time now and I try to feature him on the site as much as possible, but little did I know he’s just as much a fan of MPL Toons as I am of him! As a “thank you” for featuring him he did this exclusive drawing of Frost getting a frozen facial from Sub-Zero (and it’s variant) for the site. How cool is that?

When Candle first hit me up proposing the idea of doing an exclusive pic for the site he asked me who I would like him to draw. My first thought was Frost from Mortal Kombat. She’s one of my favorite video game babes of all time. Luckily, Candle is a fan too so I didn’t have to do much in the way of showing him reference pics and whatnot. My only stipulation was that I wanted to see her mask (which she is holding in the top pic, for those that don’t know). Everything else – the frozen jizz, pose, etc – was his idea and as you can see, he has some great ideas. I honestly couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.

I included multiple size options for your viewing pleasure. I recommend checking out the HD version (2000 pixels wide) because you are going to want to see all the amazing details. Especially check out the frozen jizz on Frost’s face in the second pic (there’s a sentence I never thought I would write hahaha). And of course make sure you check out Candle’s other works, either HERE or via the links below. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Candle is an amazing hentai artist, one of my favorites working today, and he deserves all of your attention (and commissions if you can swing it).

Candle ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Never Fairies ~ Hentai United

To view the SD (1000 pixels width) Version Click HERE
To view the HD (2000 pixels width) Version Click HERE

Mortal Kombat Hentai MPL Toons Exclusive

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    MPL Toons Exclusive – Katya Kazanova nude by Oni

    MPL Toons Exclusive

    Katya Kazanova by Oni exclusively for MPL Toons

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years to the day since I commissioned the exclusive Lana Kane pic from Oni. Back then Archer on FX was just starting to build momentum and at the time there wasn’t any other nude pics of Lana on the interwebs. So at least I will always have that claim to fame. Can lighting strike twice though? I think it can!

    Here’s the latest MPL Toons Exclusive Archer pic by Oni – Katya Kazanova!

    For those of you that don’t know who Katya Kazanova is, she’s a former KGB operative who saves Sterling Archer’s life and then later becomes his fiancé. After the show’s recurring villain Barry kills her at the end of season 2 Doctor Krieger brings her back as a cyborg in season 3. Needless to say sexy and hilarious hijinks ensue (including a detachable vagina gag). Check out Oni’s Hentai Foundry page for the non-nude cyborg version of Katya complete with red eyes and smoking fembot nipples.

    If you haven’t been watching Archer on FX, what’s wrong with you? No bullshit, it’s one of the funniest shows on TV and it just keeps getting better. If you are a fan of the series then I think you will definitely enjoy this nude pic of Katya Kazanova by Oni. If there are other characters from the show you guys would like to see Oni take a crack at let me know by leaving a comment!

    Art by Oni ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Hentai United

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      MPL Toons Exclusive Taarna by Alicia Hollinger

      MPL Toons Exclusive

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

      Heavy Metal the movie (1981) is the reason I love hentai. It’s as simple as that.

      I was born in 1978 and I heard about Heavy Metal from my step dad and had seen posters for it in the comic book store I frequented. Whenever I got the chance I would look through old issues of the Heavy Metal magazine my step dad had in the basement but I didn’t see the movie until one summer in the late 80’s. In fact, the first sex scenes I ever saw was the one with Harry Canyon and the big titted chick who’s dad was killed for the Loc-Nar. As awesome as that sex scene was it was Taarna that sent my puberty stricken mind spinning.

      Since I grew up reading comics I was pretty used to being attracted to fictional characters like Wonder Woman but Taarna was different, she was the first character I lusted for (not knowing what that was back then). I have seen Heavy Metal the movie about 50 times over the course of my life, and have purchased the soundtrack 5 different times, and every time I see it I am still mesmerized by Taarna. There is just something about a strong female character that has white pubic hair that really turns me on. She will always hold a special place in my heart and probably without her, or the movie, I would not have the love for hentai that I do now.

      I met Alicia Hollinger at comic book industry meet-and-great a couple weeks ago in Hollywood. I was admiring her pin-ups on the wall, specifically a Taarna pic she had created, and once we started talking I knew I wanted to feature her work on MPL Toons. Alicia was nice enough to make me this beautiful, and exclusive, Taarna piece for the site. I love the way it turned out, she really nailed the character’s confidence and strength as well as her sensuality. If you like this rendering then make sure you check out her Facebook Fanpage and website below!

      Click here to like Alicia Hollinger’s Facebook Fanpage
      Click here to see more pin-ups by Alicia Hollinger at WonderlandArt.biz

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        MPL Toons Exclusive – Frost vs Mileena by Aedollon

        Frost vs Mileena Mortal Kombat hentai MPLToons ExclusiveCLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

        “Cold Blooded” by Aedollon is the latest MPL Toons exclusive pic and I couldn’t be happier.

        As most of you know I am a huge Mortal Kombat fan and, more specifically, a Frost fan (the female Sub-Zero for those of you that don’t know…err that probably doesn’t help either – the one on the left). When Aedollon and I were talking about this piece he really wanted to draw Mileena as well. We immediately agreed that the “Pit” would be the most visually compelling backdrop for the fight. As you can see, Aedollon knocked it out of the park. Seriously, after seeing his work on Hentai Foundry I knew the piece would be amazing, but I didn’t know it would be this amazing!

        When I first saw Aedollon featured on Hentai Foundry I was immediately mesmerized by how beautiful and vibrant his coloring was. Then when I looked at the illustrations closer I saw an insane amount of detail in them. I knew I wanted to commission a piece from him but wasn’t quite sure what. Then it hit me – Mortal Kombat. Of course I knew I wanted Frost and I wanted her costume to be torn from fighting because I think that’s hot. It was Aedollon that suggested she be fighting Mileena and having both their costumes slightly torn. You can see in the hi-res pic that Mileena’s left nipple is popping out and that Frost’s vagina narrowly missed getting hit by an energy sai. That would have hurt!

        “Cold Blooded” is fun, beautiful, and sexy. Thanks Aedollon!

        Aedollon ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Hentai United

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          Hit-Girl all grown up and kicking ass by Where’s Bowski?

          Uncensored Kick Ass hentai featuring Hit-Girl

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          Here’s a kick ass (pun intended) rendering of Hit-Girl all grown up that Where’s Bowski? did exclusively for MPL Toons. Obviously there is a lot of Hit-Girl lolicon floating around the interwebs but I wanted to see what she might look like when she matured. Well here it is – Hit-Girl at 18 and still kicking everyone’s ass. It seems only logical that she would use her feminine wiles to distract a group of opponents, giving them a moments pause, before she delivers an awesome beat down! As per usual Where’s Bowski? combines realistic and comic book inspired styles to create a piece that is truly his own. He doesn’t do too many commissions but – like the A-Team – if you have an idea, if no one else’s style will fit, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Where’s Bowski?.

          Click here to see more hentai by Where’s Bowski?

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            MPL Toons Exclusive – Lana Kane from Archer nude by Oni

            MPL Toons Exclusive - Lana Kane from Archer nude by Oni

            Lana Kane by Oni exclusively for MPL Toons

            As you may remember a few weeks ago I posted a pic of Cheryl/Carol that Oni did based on the FX cartoon series Archer. You may also remember in said post I contemplated hitting Oni up to produce a nude Lana Kane rendering for me. Well guess what? That’s exactly what I did! I can’t be 100% sure but I think this might be the first nude Lana Kane drawing on the internet (I did a search and couldn’t find shit) and it’s an MPL Toons exclusive!

            I have been watching Archer since the very first episode on FX. The show is fucking hilarious and the animation is superb. Of course those two key points are important for any cartoon comedy but the reason I tune in is for Lana Kane (voiced by the sexy Aisha Tyler mmmmm). For those that don’t know Lana is the kick ass ex-girlfriend and Archer’s fellow co-worker at ISIS. Oni absolutely nailed her likeness and sex appeal as I knew he would (I love the fact that she is wearing her gun holster and lingerie). The good news is word Archer received decent ratings it’s first season  so it will probably be back next year (plus FX doesn’t kill shows as quickly as FOX). Feel free to use (jerk off to) this nude pic of Lana Kane until season 2 airs.

            Art by Oni ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Hentai United

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