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4th of July sex with Tina Armstong

Dead or Alive Hentai at MPL Toons

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone has a safe and fun night!

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    Hit-Girl all grown up and kicking ass by Where’s Bowski?

    Uncensored Kick Ass hentai featuring Hit-Girl

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    Here’s a kick ass (pun intended) rendering of Hit-Girl all grown up that Where’s Bowski? did exclusively for MPL Toons. Obviously there is a lot of Hit-Girl lolicon floating around the interwebs but I wanted to see what she might look like when she matured. Well here it is – Hit-Girl at 18 and still kicking everyone’s ass. It seems only logical that she would use her feminine wiles to distract a group of opponents, giving them a moments pause, before she delivers an awesome beat down! As per usual Where’s Bowski? combines realistic and comic book inspired styles to create a piece that is truly his own. He doesn’t do too many commissions but – like the A-Team – if you have an idea, if no one else’s style will fit, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Where’s Bowski?.

    Click here to see more hentai by Where’s Bowski?

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      Spider-Girl Pwned by Where’s Bowski?

      Spider-Girl Pwned by Where's Bowski?

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

      This pic of Spider-Girl after a hard night of fighting by Where’s Bowski? really focuses on the less than glamourous side of costumed crime fighting. Wow, she is beat to shit! Why would someone want to put on a spandex costume and put their life on the line if this is the end result? You don’t see the realistic outcome of said lifestyle too often in comics so this piece is definitely a nice change of pace from the norm. Somehow Where’s Bowski? still managed to make Spider-Girl look sexy even with all those cuts and bruises – that’s quite an accomplishment.

      Where’s Bowski? is quickly making a name for himself in the hentai community with his realistic depictions of sex and violence. If you want to hit him up for a commission I would recommend getting in on the ground floor before his prices go up – I did! Be on the look out for his next piece because it will be an MPL Toons exclusive.

      Click here to see more comic book and cartoon porn by Where’s Bowski?

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        Realistically Muscular Cheetara Pin-Up by Where’s Bowski?

        Realistically Muscular Cheetara Pin-Up by Where's Bowski?

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image - Cheetara by Where's Bowski?

        One of my favorite things to search for online is when artists re-imagine existing characters either by giving them updated costumes or rendering them in a realistic fashion. This pin-up of Cheetara from Thundercats falls in the latter category. Where’s Bowski? took the 80’s fan-favorite character and asked the question “what would she look like in real life”? What we get is a more muscular and cat-like version of Cheetara which makes sense based on her powers and feline heritage. Think about it – first of all she is a runner so it makes sense that she would have strong legs, second she uses a staff so that dictates her muscular arms, finally she is a humanoid cheetah – they are 100% muscle! That’s all well and good but Where’s Bowski? also managed to incorporate all that and retain her sex appeal. Now that’s talent my friends.

        Click here to see more hentai pics by Where’s Bowski?

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          Spider-Man fucking Black Cat doggy style. Is that ironic?

          Spider-Man fucking Black Cat doggy style by Where's Bowski?

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Version

          Here’s another amazing piece by Where’s Bowski? that features Spider-Man fucking Black Cat doggy style. Umm so that’s kind of ironic right? Cause she’s a “cat” and he’s a “spider”, err no wait I fucked it up – she’s a “cat” and he’s fucking her “doggy style”. Bah doom chee. Don’t mind me, I’m a little silly this morning. Seriously though, click on the picture above to see the full sized image and look at the detail on it. Amazing right?

          It’s funny what your eyes go when you first look at this piece. When Where’s Bowski? sent me this rendering the first thing I noticed was how realistic her feet are and then my eyes went to the detail in Spider-Man’s costume. Conversely the first thing my girlfriend said when she saw the pic was “Wow, those are some realistic pubes on Spider-Man”. The point is, besides the fact the my girlfriend is a perv and I might have a secret foot fetish, is that the level of detail in the color and shading in this piece is amazing. Of course Where’s Bowski? retains his  signature “realistic/cartoony” style that I absolutely love. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

          Click here to commission original artwork by Where’s Bowski?

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            I have Supergirl chained up in my basement

            Supergirl chained up in a dungeon by Where's Bowski

            Supergirl chained up in a dungeon by Where's Bowski?

            I absolutely love this pic by Where’s Bowski? and I am not just saying that because he is my friend. Every aspect of this rendering (from her realistic body, facial expression, her big natural tits to the way the costume wrinkles) makes my penis move. In fact I have already jerked off to it twice today (here’s hoping Where’s Bowski? views that as a compliment).

            The best thing is though, Where’s Bowski? does personal commissions! Do you want to see Power Girl fingering her own asshole? He’ll draw it for you and the cost won’t break your bank account. How cool is that? Don’t just take my word for it, click on the link below and email him directly.

            Oh btw, there is a funny story behind Where’s Bowski?’s pen-name: When we were growing up we both thought Hicks, in Aliens, was yelling “Where’s Bowski?” when all the Colonial Marines were getting their asses kicked. We didn’t figure out until years later that Hicks was in fact yelling his name “Wierzbowski!”. Lol

            Click here to contact Where’s Bowski? about commissioning original artwork

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