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Resident Evil Hentai at Jiggly Girls

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at JigglyGirls.com

It looks like¬†Clarie Redfield is taking a much needed break from zombie killing and indulging in, what I can only assume is, her favorite pastime – bukkakkes! Ahhh there’s nothing like seeing a hot videogame chick covered in gallons of semen is there? When you live a high-stress life like Claire Redfield does I can only imagine what kind of sexual stimulation she might need to get off. After killing hordes of the undead I just don’t think your run-of-the-mill missionary position is going to do the trick.

Reiq has produced another outstanding piece of hentai here (which is pretty much par for course with him). Like most of the renderings on his site, JigglyGirls, members get a “clean” and a “wet” version to enjoy. Some of the other pics also have an “x-ray” version too but the “Claire Redfield bukkakke” doesn’t for obvious reasons (there’s no penetration after all). So whether you like your hentai girls covered in cum or not there is something for everyone at JigglyGirls. Enjoy!

Click here to see more hentai by Reiq exclusively at JigglyGirls.com

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