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Batman Arkham City porn Harley Quinn

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Like most Batman fans I have a huge hard-on for Joker’s number one girl, Harley Quinn, so whenever there is hentai featuring her I take notice. Of course there are a lot of shitty drawings of Harley floating aimlessly through the internet tubs but this rendering by Cutepet is NOT one of them. Everything about this pic is perfect – It’s very erotic, expertly crafted, and faithful to the source material (right down to the super perky Bruce Timm-esque boobs from the animated series). Here’s hoping a scene like this shows up in the Batman: Arkham City game next year (of course that isn’t going to happen but I wanted to get some shameless search engine keyword hits). I may have to go back and watch some old episodes of the animated series just to hear her voice. Does anyone have a favorite Harley Quinn episode they recommend I watch? Leave a comment and let me know.

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