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Cosplay Deviants Stimulus Package – 1 Month FREE

Cosplay Deviants Colossus and Kitty Pryde fucking

Colossus and Kitty Pryde fucking

Cosplay Deviants is the #1 adult cosplay website on the interwebs. They feature hot babes (and dudes, if that’s your thing) dressed up as comic book and video game characters…then they strip out of their costumes – hence adult! Exclusive pictures of naked chicks (and guys) dressed up as your favorite characters isn’t the only thing you get when you sign up though. You get full access to the Cosplay Deviants community which features a very active forum where nerds come together and talk, blogs of your favorite deviants, a webcam chat feature, and Cosplay Deviants behind-the-scenes event pictures. Trust me when I say that this site is growing fast – and at just $9.95 a month how can you go wrong?

Cosplay Deviants Wonder Woman topless big boobs

Wonder Woman topless

So what is the Cosplay Deviants Stimulus Package you ask? All new members that join between April 16th – 18th receive one month free! I’ll let their CEO, Troy Doerner explain how it works…

Not sure how to spend your hard earned tax money?  Cosplay Deviants.com is offering a stimulus package that is guaranteed to stimulate your package!

Are you tired of not getting everything you need from all of the “stimulus packages” going around?  From April 16th through April 18th Cosplay Deviants.com will be offering a free month to all new members. Enjoy two months for the price of one and gain access to more than 5,000 pictures of the hottest cosplayers showing their devious side, member forums, webcam chats, access to live events, and more. There’s no better way to spend your tax refund than on the one stimulus package that promises to actually stimulate your package.

Cosplay Deviants.com undresses the art of playing dress up, come see the devious side of Cosplay!

Troy Doerner

Click here to join Cosplay Deviants and receive 1 month FREE

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    • Joey:

      That lady with the large breasts unashamedly showing her breasts looks like she would make it as a stripper maybe at Beamers. She is pretty.

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