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Cotton cums on Minh’s face with the help of a table

Cotton Hill cumming on Minh Souphanousinphone from King of the Hill and Cartoon Reality

Cotton Hill cumming on Minh's face from "King of the Hill"

King of the Hill was sort of hit or miss for me. I never really went out of my way to watch it but it was on for so long that I am not completely oblivious to it. I like my cartoons to have a cleaner art style, like Archer, but I must admit when I did watch King of the Hill I always laughed. My favorite character on the show was Hank’s dad the cantankerous Cotton Hill. I would be ill-tempered too if my shins were “blowed off by a Japanman’s machine gun” in WWII. If you haven’t seen it download “Shins of the Father” episode – it’s AMAZING!

As much as I love Cotton Hill I wasn’t really looking for hentai featuring him, it’s just one of those happy accidents that I stumbled across this pic of him busting a nut in Minh’s face. I’ve always loved the talented artist at Cartoon Reality and they’re ability to turn my favorite childhood cartoons into porn (TMNT, He-Man). Keep up the good work guys cause the world certainly needs more Stinkor/Teela porn (yes that exists and you can see it here).

Click here to see more cartoon sex at Cartoon Reality

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