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Holy shit, it’s not even October and I’m already in a huge Halloween mood.

Maybe it’s because I saw ParaNorman other night (and fucking loved it) or maybe it’s because of awesome pictures like this one by StickyMon that my mood has turned Fall-centric. My girlfriend may not approve but I love Halloween and right now I’m balls deep in it (In her defense she doesn’t actually hate the holiday, she hates that I make her watch nothing but horror movies all throughout the month of October). I just hope I don’t blow my wad too early and I get out of the mood before Halloween proper actually comes. That would suck balls.

Anywho, on to the cartoon porn. I wasn’t planning on featuring this amazing piece of hentai until October came but, well, here we are. I’m a huge fan of StickyMon’s cartoony style and this illustration is a great example why. His drawings look exactly like Saturday morning cartoons having sex. As someone who grew up watching 80’s cartoons, and wished that he could see them having sex, I can’t properly express how awesome that is.

Just to be clear, Cumpire is actually an original character by Rick Fields and this piece was done as a trade between him and StickyMon. I’ll feature the other half of the trade either tomorrow or Monday because it’s really fucking awesome so keep your eyes peeled!

StickyMon ~ Hentai Foundry

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