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Dr. Naomi pulls out one of her huge boobs for Travis Touchdown

No More Heroes hentai

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Dr. Naomi is the designer of Travis Touchdown’s beam katanas in the oddball action Wii game No More Heroes. Apparently she isn’t a big fan of Travis and has a mysterious secret (according to her wiki). I have no idea what said secret is as I have yet to play the game – I still can’t build up enough desire to pick up a Wii but if I did No More Heroes would be one of my first purchases.

Toudori is known for his drawings of big boobs, clean line-work, and vibrant colors as this rendering of Dr. Naomi illustrates. The pose is simple but effective with most of the composition focused on the chest area. At least he isn’t trying to hide what he loves! I enjoy hentai artists with a clean style and I like big boobies so Toudori’s pieces are right up my alley.

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