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Now here’s a sight I could never get tired of – Elphaba making Dorothy eat out her green pussy by Deuce. Just look at the rack on The Wicked Witch of the West. Damn! Is it wrong that I pictured Elphaba to be kinda hot when I read Wicked? I know she looks all old and shit in Wizard of Oz but that’s not how I thought she looked in the book. Maybe because she was more sympathetic in Wicked than she was in the movie. Plus I sort of have a thing for colored girls (and I am not talking about the 1950’s term for black chicks). My girlfriend once asked me if I could have sex with any comic book character who would it be? Mystique, I replied. She thought it was because Mystique could turn into anyone I wanted her to and that was the appeal for me. No, I want to have sex with Mystique in her true blue form because blue chicks are fucking hot just like green ones with big knockers. Colored girls unite! I want to bone you all :)

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