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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] – Arleana De’light in Trouble Again

Arleana De'light in Trouble Again by Notorious

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

So I noticed we don’t have too much furry hentai around here and I figured there must be some of you who enjoy it. Im not hugely into furry unless its drawn just right…and the great furry artist, Notorious knows just how I like it! ^_^

I love this picture! It covers all my favorite parts of hentai art. Big breasts, bondage, cuteness, and of course, a mini story to make it all interesting. Imagine walking in to a bedroom to find all this hotness going on! hehe It would be just too much to handle… unless you happen to bring a few friends, hopefully well endowed friends. Self-bondage is a great avenue for fun and, secretly, self-bondagers always wish for this situation… but are never prepared for it. 🙂

For those who don’t happen to have pussies.. all I can say it is: If you knew how it felt, you’d know just how scary the situation is for this poor kitty. hehe Hours are going to go by.. and that dildo is going to keep on buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. It will drive her INSANE!

Where can I buy that book? And where can I buy that kitty? 😀

– JosiePurr

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