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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Confessional by Demien

Busty nun sucking dick in a bathroom stall

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Here’s another hot artwork by the famous Demien; titled “Confessional”. I never get tired of his amazing work. After much consideration, I have finally find the best word to describe his art. That word is: “succulent”!

I mean, look at those succulent fat tits and those succulent cocks. And don’t even get me started on how delicious those succulent balls look hanging out of that hole.

Demien just has a way of playing beautiful white highlights in all the best places to really make a piece look good and naughty. Speaking naughty, what a sexy nun this girl is! It’s ok though. Because God can’t see what happens in bathroom stalls… beside, I’m fairly sure one of those cocks is the Pope. (Wouldn’t THAT be impressive?!)

You know your slut is doing a good job if you blast your cum hard enough to burst your rubber so apparently this nun is very talented! If this is what the nunnery is like, maybe I’ll consider joining. 😛

So at this time, quiet your mind, bow your head, and fap that succulent dick to this succulent picture. 🙂

– JosiePurr

Click here to see more hentai by Demien

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