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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Procedural Breast Explansion

Procedural Explansion by Sparrow

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

I LOVVEEEE Sparrow’s artwork! It’s kinky, it’s disturbing, and it gets me hot under the pants! This is an interesting pic on so many levels. The huge boobs, the giant fat nipples, the look of panic on her face, the people watching, the cables thrusting within… yum! It’s just so much to take in! 😀

Sparrow always know how to make your stomach turn yet give you that surge of sexual excitement. He uses a very unusual color palette that consists of only blues and purples that makes almost sci-fi feel to his art. In this one, the beautiful deep hues on her nipples, really give you that swelling feeling of dangerous breast expansion!  I’m largely into breast expansion in many ways, but its that threat of explosion that kindles my fingers during my “self-loving” time.

This is definitely for a more specific crowd of fappers, but I definitely suggest looking into new kinks if you’ve never done it before. 🙂

– JosiePurr

Click here to see more hentai by Sparrow

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