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Help support my friend’s comic book on Kickstarter

Hey guys

Obviously this isn’t hentai or porn but since most of you are probably comic book readers I wanted to ask for your help. My friend Diallo is trying to get funding for the third issue of his comic called ‘The Paranormals’. He wants to make this one a double sized issue, hence the higher cost, that way he can collect all 3 issues into a trade. The cool thing is, even if people just donate $1 it raises the popularity and visibility of the project on Kickstarter’s main page.

I know the whole Kickstarter thing is kinda overplayed right now but hey, it works. People’s dreams can come true and this is my friend’s dream – He’s a comic book writer and he wants to make his comic book. It’s that simple. If you can help that would be great. If you can’t, no worries. Maybe you can send the link to some of your friends or post it on your Facebook page.

If you do want to support The Paranormals there are some really cool tiers (you can be killed in the comic or be one of four demons). Click on the link below and check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Click here to support The Paranormals #3 on Kickstarter

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    2 Responses to “Help support my friend’s comic book on Kickstarter”

    • Gunnar:

      What is the song for this video, it sounds amazing, plus the comic looks awesome.

    • D-Lo:

      Gunnar, it’s called “Indulgence” by a San Francisco based band called Tokyo Raid. They will actually be appearing in the third issue of the comic!

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