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High School of the Dead – My new obsession

Sexy school girl with big boobs about to be attacked by zombies

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I don’t read much manga but when I heard about High School of the Dead my interest was definitely piqued. The last series I enjoyed was Battle Royale and I have since been looking for something else to check out. High School of the Dead seemed right up my alley when I started doing a little research – Zombies, teen girls in short skirts, and violence. What more could I ask for?! So far I am enjoying it but there doesn’t seem to be much hentai doujinshi online based on the source material. Hopefully this will change as the anime series just began airing (in the US at least) this month. Anyways, just wanted to share this with you guys and if you know any good High School of the Dead hentai leave a comment so I can post it.

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    2 Responses to “High School of the Dead – My new obsession”

    • […] few weeks ago when I announced my new manga obsession – Highschool of the Dead (see the post here) – but at the time I couldn’t really find any good hentai based on the series. […]

    • ddland45:

      Just got “turned on” to H.O.T.D and I must admit it has been an instant love affair. I just finished watching the first 13 episodes and I can’t wait until Season 2 can be uploaded. I love Hentai and manga and this series is simply a masterpiece. Great (if not original) storyline, intriguing characters and plenty of T&A! Some people think the “fan service” is a distraction (wha???), but I think it is just one more thing to keep me wanting more. I can’t wait to see how the love triangle plays out. My favorite character is Saeko Busujima. Such an interesting character. I hope the depths of her ‘dark side’ are explored (maybe cause some conflicts with the rest of the group?).

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