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I always knew Velma was the slutty one

Velma getting fucked in the ass by Shaggy

Velma getting fucked in the ass by Shaggy

Here’s a tip for you – It’s always the shy nerdy girls that are the biggest sluts plus they are usually hiding a killer body under those baggy clothes. That’s why I always wanted to fuck Velma and not Daphne. You just know Daphne is all “I only do missionary” in bed whereas Velma, being not as pretty as Daphne, always had to make up for her (unfounded) insecurities and would thus swallow and take it up the ass. You know full well that if you dated Daphne you would only get a blow job on your birthday (if you were lucky) and she would never allow you to stick it in her ass. Shaggy has the right idea, always go after the nerd girls. Real talk. Click here to see more Scooby Doo porn


After making this post I came across an awesome picture of Velma by Kras at LegioComix and wanted to share it with you guys.

Velma by Kras at LegioComix

Velma by Kras at LegioComix

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