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I forgot how hot Madelyne Pryor as The Goblin Queen was

Madelyne Pryor as The Goblin Queen

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I stumbled across this awesome illustration of Madelyne Pryor as The Goblin Queen by Chris Foulkes the other night and it brought back so many fond memories. Growing up in the 80’s I enjoyed crossovers (back before they were called “events”) like Inferno by Marvel. That was the first time I realized how grandioseĀ a comic book story could be and that there were no limitations to what a writer or artist could do unlike movies. Of course it didn’t hurt that The Goblin Queen was hot as shit!!

I’m really digging this rendering of Jean Grey’s evil clone by Chris Foulkes because he manages to keep her fully clothed and still make her boner inducing. I blame Berry Blair and his old Aircel comics but ever since I was a kid I love it when you can see asuperheroine’sĀ hard nipples through their costume not unlike Madelyne Pryor here. I also love the little hint at her going commando under her costume. I wish I had my comics out here in LA but alas they are in my dad’s basement in MD. Oh well, It’ll give me something to do when I go home for vacation. Until then I can drool over this image of Madelyne Pryor as The Goblin Queen Chris Foulkes.

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