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I thought Skeletor would have a boney dick

Skeletor fucking The Sorceress from He-Man and The Masters of the Universe

Skeletor fucking The Sorceress

For some reason I never pictured Skeletor having anything but a skeleton dick. That statement alone is pretty telling as to how much thought I put into my cartoon perversions. Who else would ponder theĀ logisticsĀ of how a guy with a skull for a head has sex? Not too many people I know but at least the good people at GoGo Celeb (Skeletor is a celebrity?!) have answered that timeless question for me in vivid detail. Now if only someone would draw a picture of Stinkor having relations with Teela I could say that I have seen it all.

…Omg those bastards at Cartoon Reality did it. Stinkor fucking Teela!

Stinkor fucking Teela from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Stinkor fucking Teela

I have officially seen everything there is to see in the world.

Click here to see Skeletor and Hordak double team She-Ra

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