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Katma Tui and Arisia Rrab lesbian Green Lanterns

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…No porn shall escape my sight! Ha Ha! How badass was that? Sigh, I’m easily amused and not fully awake yet. Anyways, how about that Green Lantern Corps porn? Pretty fucking sweet huh? With all the hype around Blackest Night that’s going on in the DC Universe right now I thought this pic would be a nice little tie-in. Plus it’s hot lesbian action, from Kras at Legio Studio, with a whole lot of sucking and grinding going on so you know I love it.

I actually had to hit up one of my old buddies at Diamond Comic Distributors to help me identify the actual characters themselves. See, when I was younger I was a Marvel Universe fan. I always thought that the DC Universe was a little bit cheesy but now that I am older and (not at all) wiser I am realizing how wrong I was. Fun fact about me – two of my favorite character designs of all time (from even when I was a kid) are Hal Jordan Green Lantern and Red Tornado. Just thought I would share that.

Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx

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