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Intermezzo by ArcturusX1

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I have good news and bad news. The good news is this piece titled “Intermezzo” is one of the hottest illustrations ever produced by ArcturusX1. The bad news is it’s apparently his last. Honestly I have no idea why ArcturusX1 has decided to stop producing hentai or (even worse) why he is deleting his Hentai Foundry account and all the pictures on it – it seems a little extreme to me – but in case you missed it here’s what ArcturusX1 has to say.

My friends…thank you for watching the ‘Aileen Show’

Unfortunately, it is time for an indefinite intermission.

In 48 hours, ArcturusX1 will take the long dirt nap and his gallery here will go away forever.

His evil twin(me) will continue drawing/ telling dirty stories about Aileen but only on a very casual, private basis.

The pictures in this gallery can be found elsewhere on the interwebs.
Search: Google Images/arcturusx1

Eventually I may come back but it will be under a different name.

For now, I need to spend more time…

1. Sitting around on my ass drinking beer.
2. Sitting around on my ass reading real books from the library
3. Sitting around on my ass playing games.
4. Sitting around on my ass watching girls(of all ages…yep!).
5. Sitting around on my ass consuming ridiculous quantities of coffee
6. Sitting around on my ass playing guitar and pretending to by a pop star.
7. Sitting around on my ass surfing(in the ocean)
8. Sitting around on my ass driving my car around North America and Canada
9. Sitting around on my ass watching horrifically bad kung fu movies

And lastly but not least…

10. Sitting around on my ass

Aileen is not a copyrighted character…if you want to contribute to her mythos in art or prose, please do so!

Be Well


There you have it. It’s kind of a shame really because he is such an exceptional artist but what can you do right? ArcturusX1 will be missed that’s for sure.

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