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Jessie shows us where she keeps her pokéballs

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So that’s where Jessie keeps all her pokéballs. It makes sense seeing as how her Team Rocket outfit doesn’t have any pockets. At least no one will find them there unless they did a VERY thorough search. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being the one to search her – I’ve always had the hots for Jessie.

Yes, I watched Pokémon back in the day. Not religiously or anything but I did watch it (I liked Team Rocket). And yes, I’ve played the card game a few times too. I worked at a comic book store when it was big and some of my co-workers tried to get me into it. I didn’t go balls deep in it or anything but I will admit the game was fun and sort of addicting. For the record, my favorite Pokémon is Mankey…his name makes me laugh.

I fell in love with this piece the instant I saw it. I think Evulchibi did a phenomenal job injecting humor into what could have been just another generic Pokémon inspired hentai pic. He definitely deserves credit for making one of the best Jessie illustrations I have ever seen. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” indeed!!

Evulchibi ~ Hentai Foundry

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