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Kase gets her Callidus ass destroyed by Orks

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Kase was like nothing the Blue Ballz Boyz had ever seen before, but the cunning Callidus had made a crucial miscalculation: Her unique skills could fool the eye, but they could not fully conceal her feminine scent, and Graz and Naffnog had literally sniffed her out. Against two angry Nobs, the assassin stood little chance. Without her phase weapon, Kase had to rely on her shapeshifting abilities to simply endure the kind of impossible penetrations that Graz and Naffnog could dish out. She could only pray that her dose of Polymorphine could outlast the brutal fucklust of the orks. Graz and Naffnog didn’t mind their captive’s inhuman elasticity in the slightest. She would need every last bit of it when they finally took her to Whoreboss Gutsplit.

Here’s the second half to the Devil HS/Hagfish Warhammer 40K art trade. The last piece by Devil HS featured Hagfish’s Sister of Battle, Purity (that I mistook for a Warhammer Fantasy character because of the tag on Hentai Foundry). Now we have Devil HS’ Callidus assassin Kase running afoul with some Orks.

Back in my Warhammer 40K days I always wanted to field a Callidus assassin but never got around to it. I think they look cool and the whole concept is pretty awesome. I kinda wished they made a cameo in the awesome Space Marine game that came out last year for PS3 and Xbox 360, that would have been cool to see. Too bad there’s no sequel in the works since THQ is dead. What a shame. Now we won’t see scenes like this on the PS4 anytime soon. Damn you THQ…

Hagfish ~ Hentai Foundry

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    • Copyright Theft:

      Don’t be so quick to write-off a Space Marine follow-up. Relic made it and are now with Sega. Since the Warhammer fantasy license just went to Creative Assembly (Total War games), the 40k license could go back to Relic again.

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