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Kitana getting fucked in the ass for Vanilla Doll

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God damn, dat azz! Who knew Kitana had such a deliciously round back side? I wonder who’s monster cock that is? Not to sound racist but I doubt it’s Liu Kang’s. Maybe she’s giving it up for her emperor, Shao Kahn – Sure the would be a little bit incestuous but not totally, she’s his adopted daughter after all.

Flowermilk hit a fucking home run with this piece and there are 5 more awesome variant images in the member section of VanillaDoll.xxx. Plus, those of you that are members, make sure you vote to see more Mortal Kombat characters in the future if you like this pic. I would love to see Flowermilk do a pic of Frost (oh Frost, how I love you). Anyways, keep your eyes on Flowermilk because he’s really starting to take off. Fans seem to love his uber-clean style and I do too. Plus he’s a Mortal Kombat fan so that gives him some bonus points in my opinion!

Click HERE see 5 more variant images at VanillaDoll.xxx

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