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Kokoro from Dead or Alive has amazing proportions

Busty Kokoro from Dead or Alive 4 has big hips and a small waist

Kokoro from Dead or Alive

You certainly don’t see proportions like Kokoro’s on your average hentai girl which is why it caught my attention. She has the body of a black chick – small waist and big hips. I love it! If you have been playing the Dead or Alive series as long as I have you will remember Kokoro made her debut in DoA 4 as a sexy Japanese Geisha that could kick a lot of ass. Of course in the game she had more of a traditional body type¬†albeit¬†with big jiggly boobs. I am a big fan of artists that re-imagine existing characters or have such a unique style to their work that their illustrations look drastically different than the source material. I also love chicks with big hips and a small waist so this rendering of Kokoro is a win/win!

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