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Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo nude figure

Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo nude statue

Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo by Orchid Seed

Yea, Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo is a mouthful to say so let’s just refer to her as Lala ok? So this sexy figure was produced by Orchid Seed and is based on some random Japanese hentai comic called Comic Aun. She is 1/7 scale and ships with a green bikini that you can remove, with a little care, to reveal her lady bits. Lala’s pose is simple but effective and theĀ sculpting is clean and professional. Your wallet will be about $100 lighter if you decide to pick up Lala but if you are a fan of nude hentai figures and statues I recommend tracking this one down. Just look at those big tits and bald pussy! How could you not want to look at her everyday?

Click here to order theLala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo figure

Thanks to Tentacle Armada for the pic

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    • Mary Bale the cat lady reminded me of one of Bladerunner’s replicants – straight after the ‘entre of boiled dog’ question in the Voight-Kampff test; “You find a cat alone in the street. You pet it, and then what?”

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