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League of Legends’ LeBlanc pregnant and getting fucked

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CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

I’m not usually into pregger porn or hentai but goddamn, TK83 makes everything fucking hot! LeBlanc, the Deceiver, from the PC game League of Legends, must have deceived someone into knocking her up because lord knows no one would do it willingly. Boom! Hahahahaha See, it’s funny cause every man has to be deceived to impregnate a woman. Get it?

Lol I’m just kidding…but seriously, I really don’t dig on pregger porn.

If you’re like me and the above pic isn’t really your speed how about this HD desktop image?

MPL Toons

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Fucking awesome, huh? TK83’s artwork is always a beautiful sight to behold so why not look at it everyday when you boot up your computer? Just don’t let your wife or girlfriend see it then she’ll be all like “Is this what you like? Do you want me to look like that?”. Clearly the answer is ‘yes’ but look out, it’s a trap. The correct answer is always ‘no’.

For your health ya dingus!

TK83 ~ Hentai Foundry

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