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Here’s a nice little follow-up to the piece Ganassa did featuring Maya the Siren from Borderlands 2 a couple months ago. This time we get to see Lilith enjoying a refreshing hot shower. Mmmmmmm steamy.

I’m not gonna lie. I literally just finished Borderlands 1 for the first time last night (thank you PlayStation Plus!). I loved it but now I am debating whether I want to sink another 20 hours into the DLC or just move onto a new game (I’m looking at you Dead Space 2). What do you guys suggest? And let me cut you off before you suggest I pick up Borderlands 2 – I am definitely going to wait for the inevitable ‘Game of the Year Edition’ now that I know I love the first game.

Thanks to the new console generation of day-one patches and $10 DLC packs I found that if I wait a few months to play a game a) most of the bugs are fixed and b) I get to buy the game cheaper on Amazon so spending money on the DLC isn’t as bad a pill to swallow. Sure there are some games I will buy right away (I’m looking at you Colonial Marines Special Edition) but for the most part my ass is waiting at least 4 months.

I guess the biggest drawback though is that I miss out on all the references online. For example: after playing Borderlands 1 I went back and looked at all the Tannis hentai and saw the one by Zet13 where she is fucking her recorder and said “Ohhhhh now I get it!” So there’s that. It’s not all bug free half priced games when you are the Frugal Gamer, there’s a dark side too and that’s it. Learn from my mistakes kids…learn from them.

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