Maya The Siren From Borderlands 2 by Ganassa

Maya The Siren From Borderlands 2 by Ganassa

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I know I just posted the Catwoman pic by Ganassa not too long again but when I saw this rendering of Maya, the Siren class character from Borderlands 2, I couldn’t help myself, I had to feature it. I am super fucking excited for this game and I can’t decide if I want to play as her or the android ninja, Zer0 first. Decisions decisions. The funny thing is, the first Borderlands didn’t really do it for me – I love Diablo and I love FPSs but for some reason I wasn’t sucked into the world as much as I wanted to be. Borderlands 2 looks to correct some of the issues I had with the first game, mainly a more cohesive story…or at least that’s what GearBox is saying. We’ll find out in September but God help my girlfriend if it’s good because I’ll be sinking 100+ hours into it. Sex life…laaaaate.

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