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Mileena’s Bitch by Lucien

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There are few things in this world that I love more than Mortal Kombat hentai. Right now I am on a huge Tron pron kick ever since I saw Legacy but with the new MK less than a month away my anticipation is starting to become unbearable (especially after playing the PS3 demo) as is my desire for Mortal Kombat porn. This image of Kitana eating out Mileena by Lucien is truly one of the best pieces I have ever seen based on the series! Everything from the costumes to the background are expertly rendered and the attention to detail is amazing. I can almost hear the lapping sound Kitana is making while her tongue moves around Mileena’s mutant vagina, bringing her to orgasm. My hat is off to Lucien and I hope to god he creates more Mortal Kombat illustrations in the future.

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