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Miranda Lawson shows us her M(ASS) Effect

Miranda Lawson nude from Mass Effect nude ass

CLICK HERE For Full Image - Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect by Ganassa

If there is one game series that makes me consider buying an XBox 360 for it’s Mass Effect. I played some of the first one at Where’s Bowski?’s house and absolutely loved it. Now the second one is out and has received rave reviews, I want to play them both so fucking bad. Ahhh but the Red Ring of Death terrifies me…fucking Microsoft. Anyways, enough about me lets talk about Miranda Lawson’s amazing ass! Ganassa really did a phenominal job with this rendering. The style is clean and colorful and her ass is so round I just want to bite it! This piece is sexy without being vulgar and really illustrates why Miranda Lawson is a fanboy’s dream come true – and why Ganassa is a highly sought after hentai artist. Damn it, now I really need to get a 360!

Click here to see the full sized image of Miranda Lawson by Ganassa

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