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Morrigan Aensland showing Shuma-Gorath some love

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hentai

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It’s nice to see Morrigan showing Shuma-Gorath some love – I bet he has a hard time getting with the ladies, you know, because he’s a giant eye with tentacles. Hmmmmmm on the other hand you would think all those appendages would be appealing. Maybe Morrigan is able to look past his outward appearance and can see the Shuma-Gorath’s inner beauty. Or maybe she just wants to have fun with said tentacles lol. Ryoi Maru did a great job rendering these two characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3 – The line work is clean, the colors are beautiful, and the interaction is hot as hell. I hope he follows this pic up with another piece because I would love to see Shuma-Gorath going balls deep (?!) in Morrigan.

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    2 Responses to “Morrigan Aensland showing Shuma-Gorath some love”

    • Cetra Blues:

      An awesome pick, man. In a slew of samey Morrigan art, this one really stands out. Vibrant, colorful and absolutely delectable. My hat’s off to you, this definitely deserves a spotlight.

    • Geist01:

      @Cetra Blues – Glad you like it!

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