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Ms. Marvel Throated – Art by Sabu

Marvel Comics hentai

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It looks like Ms. Marvel might have gotten herself into a bit of a jam. Well, no one said being a superhero was easy right? I’m not sure if there is an actual story to go with this commissioned piece by Sabu but even if there isn’t that won’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of it…and myself! Ever since I saw Sabu’s earlier work titled “The Justicar” I find myself anxiously awaiting each new picture. I haven’t once been disappointed with anything he’s done, even if it isn’t a niche I like I still appreciate his style and talent. Sabu definitely has a knack for paying attention to the little details – note the jizz coming out Ms. Marvel’s nose – and I think that’s what makes his illustrations so great; finding something you didn’t see before. Keep this hentai artist on your radar for sure.

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